Regarding the past 5 months, what are the most important experiences you´ve made in Wulfen? 

cole_ivB.C.: I think the most important experiences Bethany and I have had are the friendships that we now have with many people here.  Everyone in Wulfen has treated us great, and we will never forget our time here and the many great people that live in Wulfen! Wulfen has also been a great start to my career in basketball. My teammates are great guys and I want to wish them all the best for next season. 

You´ve plans to sign a contract in a higher division, so what´s coming up for you, before you fly back to Arkansas? 

B.C.: As of right now, we are going to practice with Shalke on Monday 26th and Wednesday 28th.  (We would love to be that close to Wulfen next year...BSV Ein Leben Lang!!!)  We will go to Austria and work out with a team there on Sunday 1st and come back Thursday 5th. The following week I will work out with Oldenburg. I may have one or two more tryouts, we are still not sure after that! We will fly back to Arkansas on April 13th.

Is there a chance to see you back in Wulfen one day?

 B.C.: Of course we will be back! We have loved it here, and plan to be back many times in the future. Hopefully next year we can come and join the fans in screaming for the team! Lastly, we want to thank everyone once again for all they have done for Bethany and I.  We have felt very blessed to be in such a great place. Bethany and I are strong believers that God has the perfect plan for our lives and we know that Wulfen was in the plan!  We will always keep the people of Wulfen in our prayers and want you all to know that God loves do we!

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